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Hello! I am Ben and I am a professional player. At the moment I am reviewing and testing online casinos for New Zealand players. My over ten years of experience and associated knowledge of the gambling sector will make it easier for you to pick the best online casino that suits you.

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Updated: 23th January 2020

New casinos are constantly emerging in the online gambling space, and it can be hard to decide which one to choose. Each one will have its own selling points, with generous bonuses and the latest games. As the Casino Professor, I have carried out the most rigorous testing on new casinos in order to find out which ones are the most worthy. You can read my reviews of new online casinos on this site, but if you want to get started with some information on what makes new casinos different from their established predecessors, as well as what to consider when signing up with a new online casino, then read on.

Advantages of New Online Casinos

Better playing odds

New casinos will have one main goal when they’re starting out – attracting customers to their site and building a base of satisfied and loyal players. This means they will want to provide games with good odds, that mean people are more likely to win. Such an outcome will result in a player leaving positive feedback on review sites and recommending it to others. This all combines to form a good reputation for the new casino operator.

Higher return to player (RTP)

Another tactic new casinos go for is ensuring the house edge isn’t too high, as this won’t encourage new customers to keep playing. This means their RTP, or return to player, will be as amenable as possible. It’s useful to evaluate the RTP of games on a casino site, as this means people can decide if the site overall is worth their time. For example, an abundance of games such as American Roulette will have a high house edge, and therefore won’t be as popular. In short, the RTP is the number which determines the amount of money to be returned to the player over time.

Exciting and unique bonus offers

It’s a lot of fun to sign up for a new casino site and check out the bonuses and offers they have available. This can be a huge selling point for new operators, as they can create unique and generous offers that entice players to get started by having a huge boost to their gameplay. A big part of choosing a new casino site is doing your research on which ones have the best bonus offers for your style of gameplay, and you can be sure that the newest operators will want their players to benefit from their first few games as much as possible.

Optimised for mobile

More and more casino operators are recognising the popularity of mobile apps and playing on the go, so it would be foolish for new casino sites not to have a mobile strategy before launch. Whether this is in the form of a dedicated app or a specially optimised mobile site which loads efficiently on portable devices, this is hugely important as many players will want to access their favourite games while on the go. Ensuring that games will run on mobile is becoming an increasing priority, especially for new casino sites, and more of them are creating games with mobile compatibility before that of desktop.

Huge range of games

It isn’t just the betting odds, house edge and RTP that need to be considered with new casino sites, but the games library itself. If a new site only has one style of game, or they all seem similar, a new player will get bored pretty quickly and move on. That’s why it’s important to sign up with multiple software providers and ensure that different kinds of game are available. Sites which offer pokies, baccarat, roulette, blackjack and more will have more success than one which has a huge range of identical-looking pokies and not much else. Additionally, offering options such as a live casino will increase the intrigue of a new casino site, as live casino gaming combines the convenience of virtual gaming with the feel of a land based casino.

High quality customer support

Every player will have an issue with their experience at some point, and casino operators should recognise how necessary it is for them to have their queries resolved promptly and professionally. While live chat isn’t essential, more and more operators are ensuring this is available as a 24 hour option due to the competition for this channel being strict. On top of this, while live chat is used by a large portion of casino gamers, having a support email, dedicated phone line and FAQ page is seen as a given these days. A decent FAQ page which provides the answer to most customer queries will ensure that support lines aren’t overwhelmed with troubled customers needing help.

Disadvantages of New Online Casinos

Brand isn’t trusted yet

The identity of a new casino is relatively unknown, and they will rely on customer experience and positive feedback to build their reputation. Because of this, there’s next to no evidence for players researching reputable new casino sites due to the very fact they are new. Gamblers are taking a chance, to a certain extent, by opting for a new site, and for this reason, those who want to play it safe may go with an established and trusted brand instead.

Inexperienced in the gambling industry

With new casino operators, there is a higher chance that issues will arise in several areas. These could include glitches with the site, providing the right variety of games to satisfy customer needs, having a good range of payment methods available or delivering the quality of customer support needed to satisfy customers in need. As a result, some people may want to go with operators who have been around for a while and are therefore guaranteed to know about how to cater to the customer.

More likely to experience difficulties

Unfortunately, while some new casino sites will experience success, it isn’t for everyone, and some operators will have to shut down for various reasons. It may be a lack of customer interest, poor advertising, negative reviews or a plethora of other reasons, but when this happens, it can put existing customers’ finances in jeopardy as sometimes they can take a while to be retrieved. Because of this, some people may prefer to choose an older casino site due to their stronger business presence.

How to choose a New Online Casino Site

There are several factors to consider when you’re choosing a new online casino to spend your bankroll at. Fortunately, the Casino Professor is at your aid, so here are the questions you need to ask yourself when you’re doing your research:

  • Is the site legal and safe? – It’s a requirement for casino sites offering gaming in certain jurisdictions to have a legal gambling license in order to operate. All of the sites mentioned here at Casino Professor are secure, safe and regulated by a reputable third party.
  • What’s the user experience like? – You will be the one browsing the casino site, so make sure you actually enjoy looking around. If the site has a poor quality browser navigation or it’s difficult to load pages, it may be worth looking elsewhere.
  • What kinds of games can I play? – Some casino operators may be so new their game libraries leave a lot to be desired. Take a look at the games on offer and which software providers they have partnered with. Additionally, see if demo or free play modes are available before parting with your bankroll and making a final decision.
  • Are there good bonuses available? – It’s good fun to shop around for a range of unique bonuses with new casino sites, and while they don’t last forever, it’s still worth checking out which ones are best for getting you started with gameplay on a site.
  • What payment options are on offer? – Having a range of payment methods available means a casino operator is taking the customer’s needs into account and recognising that not everyone will want to use an e-wallet such as Neteller or Skrill, or the traditional credit or debit card option. If a site only has one or two payment methods, and especially if these don’t suit you, then it may be best to choose another one.

What to avoid with a New Online Casino Site

  • Poor quality site – If the site is poorly designed, is difficult to navigate and generally doesn’t feel very professional then this is a red flag and the company should probably be avoided.
  • Technical issues – Whether it’s an issue loading a game, links that don’t work, features on the site crashing or pages simply not loading properly, this is a good reason not to continue browsing a site.
  • No contact information – Every reputable casino site should display information on how to contact them, whether this is a telephone number, address, email or social media profiles, and if these aren’t on the site, they probably aren’t reputable.
  • No licensing information – It’s a legal requirement for sites to operate under proper gambling licenses, and if a site has no information about where they are licensed, it’s possible they aren’t operating legally.
  • Low quality games – The games are probably the most important part of an online casino site, and if these aren’t up to scratch, then there’s probably little point in becoming a regular player with them.
  • Small games library – You may have a particular game or genre of casino games that you enjoy, but sometimes you may want to switch things up. Regardless, if a site doesn’t offer a range of games, this doesn’t imply they’re trying hard to attract customers.
  • No security information – Every player wants to know their personal and financial information is safe, and if this can’t be verified with a casino site, they aren’t likely to proceed with signing up.
  • Bad reviews – This is probably the biggest sign that a casino site isn’t worth your time. If people have sat down and written a review warning others to stay away, it’s a good idea to listen!

New Online Casinos FAQ

Can I sign up with multiple new casino sites?

It’s perfectly fine to sign up with more than one casino site at a time, and this counts for both new casinos and more established ones. There’s no rule that says you can only have one membership at a time, or that you need to cancel one account if you open another elsewhere. The only action that isn’t allowed is having multiple people accessing a single account – while several people in a household can have accounts with the same casino site, these must all be separate accounts. Bear in mind, though, that if you have accounts with multiple casino sites, you’re less likely to commit to just one and gain the benefits of being a loyal customer.

Should I sign up for a new casino site if it has bad reviews but looks good anyway?

If a casino site looks promising but people who have experienced it for themselves don’t have anything nice to say about it, you are generally signing up to the site at your own risk. People place a lot of value on reviews, especially when it comes to situations where you’re parting with your own money, which is why so many products and services rely on people telling the truth about their own personal experience. It’s for you to judge what the reviews say. For example, if customers are complaining about the lack of pokies games available, but you’re not a pokies player yourself, this may not be too much of an issue. But if there are multiple complaints about scams or losing money, then it’s probably a good idea to steer clear of that particular operator.

Why do new casinos need to undergo audits?

It’s not just new casino sites, but all casino operators, who need to have regular audits and checks carried out by third parties. This adds an extra layer of trustworthiness to their business and reputation, as customers can be reassured that people external to the operation have verified they are operating in a safe and legal way. For example, they will know that the payouts of games are fair, each one is completely random in its result offerings, there are no issues with scams such as money laundering or irresponsible advertising, and so on. This will persuade customers that a site is worth signing up for and reassure them that they shouldn’t encounter any issues while they’re using the services.

Where can I look for information about licensing for a new casino?

The license information for any casino site, including new casinos, should be easy to find. In many cases, this information is detailed at the bottom of the website page, and you will be able to see which licensing authority has issued the license. You can also do an internet search for the authority to check that it’s legit, and look up reviews of the casino to further verify this information. If the license data isn’t at the bottom of the website page, then it may be in small print where the terms and conditions are located, or in the ‘about us’ section of the site. Alternatively, you could contact customer services to ask for more information about their licensing. If there is no information available about licensing, it may be risky to sign up with the site, as there could be no protection in place for customers who encounter issues while playing.

How can you tell a new casino site is secure?

There are multiple ways to check out the security of a casino operator. For example, you can check the URL bar of the browser you use to access the site and see if there is a padlock symbol next to the first part of the address. If there is, this means the site is secure and you can feel confident about submitting information such as payment or contact details. If not, it may not be worth signing up with that particular site. Having accounts which require login details and additional methods such as two-factor authentication, where you need to confirm a login using a mobile phone or email code, can provide the required security for peace of mind. The terms and conditions of each reputable casino site will detail the measures they have taken to make their operation secure. This could be firewalls, SSL encryption or other measures, on top of information about how customer information and financial details are stored to protect it from malicious third parties or hackers.

Is it a requirement for new casinos to have live chat as part of their customer support?

Although it isn’t necessary for live chat to be part of a casino’s customer support system, more and more sites recognise that providing this option makes for a more attractive package when customers are shopping around for casinos sites to sign up for. There should be at least one way to contact a customer support sector, and most people will want instant answers to their problems. While this can be achieved with a phone call, hold queues and costs can be a drawback. With most live chat options, connection is instant and online representatives can immediately provide helpful and supportive advice. In an ever increasingly competitive industry, most new casino sites will aim to have live chat as part of their standard customer support operation before they roll out their services to customers.

New Online Casino Sites over the years


In 2015, there was an increase in female gamblers, with certain casino sites opening specifically for this audience. There was also a rise in the number of casino tournaments and social games, which helped to boost engagement, as the concept of competing for a prize cultivated more of a social environment.


In 2016, a wider range of bonuses, offers and promotions became available, with online casino sites offering no deposit bonuses, reload bonuses and bigger match bonuses for first deposits. There was also a rise in the availability and popularity of live casino gaming, with people beginning to gain access to live dealers on their mobile devices. More casual games, like bingo and scratchcards, also entered the gambling market, and these appealed to a wider audience than the hardcore gambling fans.


In 2017, the online casino industry saw a rise in mobile gaming, with casino apps and sites optimised for mobile becoming much more common across the globe. This allowed customers to play on casino sites more frequently, with pokies, table games and even live games becoming available for while they were on the move. There was also an increase in the number of land based casinos who began to offer online operations, as they recognised the popularity of digital gambling and followed the market by branching out to develop an online arm.


In 2018, online casino sites saw more involvement with artificial intelligence and machine learning, which allowed operators to personalise their services to a higher degree. Games and bonuses could be suggested to customers based on algorithms which tracked their playing and spending habits, which lead to increased engagement with games libraries and promotions. There were also improvements to the safety measures added to sites, as players wanted peace of mind against scams such as identity theft and fraud. GDPR placed a higher importance on data privacy and online security in Europe, and this has meant new casinos have needed to operate under new regulations. Additionally, cryptocurrencies become more widely accepted as a form of payment, and more sites opened for operation which dealt exclusively with cryptocurrency payments.

The future of New Casino Sites

It’s likely that virtual reality casino games will become more commonplace in the future, as will novelty games such as emoji themed pokies. As themed pokies games are popular, these are likely to get rolled out more by software developers and taken on by new casino sites. Payment methods will also become more diverse, with the trend of depositing via mobile phone bill starting to take off. Games such as live dealer progressive jackpots should also see a rise, especially with new casino sites which recognise the popularity of this trend.

New Online Casinos

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9 Casinoland

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10 888 Casino


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