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> Updated for February 2020.

Hello! I am Ben and I am a professional player. At the moment I am reviewing and testing online casinos for New Zealand players. My over ten years of experience and associated knowledge of the gambling sector will make it easier for you to pick the best online casino that suits you.

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A very warm welcome to you to my casino laboratory, where I, the Casino Professor, am constantly discovering the best online casinos for you to browse and enjoy. Whatever type of casino game you’re looking for – whether it’s slots, roulette, blackjack or video poker – I have found the best options for you.

I devote my days to mixing up the most detailed and thorough online casino tests in my trusty laboratory, which is home to only the best review equipment. So if you want to find out about the highest quality online casino sites, live casinos and mobile casino options, bonuses and more, take a look around this review website to see, which brands have received my seal of approval.

How to find the Best Online Casinos in New Zealand

There are many important things to consider when judging which online casinos are the best ones. Here’s what I take into account when hand-picking the top contenders for you to choose from.

Are there multiple ways to play?

People will access online casinos in many different ways. To appeal to players, operators will want to make the site available via multiple methods. For example, instant play casinos allow the player to enjoy casino games directly from their internet browser, with no need to download software onto their device. This allows you to immediately access casino games without the need to take additional steps beyond logging into your account with your username and password. Alternatively, there are sites which require software to be downloaded, and while the initial setup can take some time, the bonuses include the fact that graphics are higher quality, there’s no need to load up the online casino website each time and no web browser support is needed.

Mobile casinos allow players to take their gaming on the go, and it can be an enjoyable way to continue playing slots, blackjack or roulette while travelling, during your commute or on holiday. It’s also good for those who don’t want to be using a laptop or computer all the time, or who simply don’t have regular access to one. Finally, there is the option of live casino, which allows players to enjoy their favourite table games in a real-time environment. But more on that shortly.

Does it have a good reputation?

While it may be harder to find information on new online casinos, more established operators will usually have a plethora of related reviews, whether these are on review sites such as this one or in the comments section on the web pages. Taking the time to sift through numerous reviews in order to weigh up which site is the right one for you can soon get repetitive and boring, so that’s why I started up my laboratory – to create a one-stop shop describing the best points of all the most reputable online casinos, for your convenience.

Another factor which counts towards casino reputation is licensing. Every decent casino site should be licensed with a trusted provider, and there are many available, including the jurisdictions of Alderney, the Isle of Man, Malta and Gibraltar. This information should be easy to find on the website, whether it’s included at the bottom of each page or in the small print. If you can’t find it, then it’s probably worth considering other online casinos. Fortunately, I will only share the most trustworthy and reputable sites as Professor of Casinos, so stick with me!

Range of games

This is probably the first thing people look for when they are browsing online casinos, and it’s understandable – after all, the main thing a player wants to do is log into a virtual account and load up their favourite game! In order to have the best experience possible, it’s important to make sure the games available at your site of choice are tailored to what you actually like playing. For example, if you’re a blackjack junkie, a site which deals primarily in slots won’t be the best for you. If you like live casino games, make sure the site has a live section before signing up…and if you want to try a bit of everything, look for a larger website with a huge library so you can spend time exploring the available options.

Security, support and payment

While topics such as security and support may seem boring, they are nonetheless an important part of the gaming experience. All trustworthy casino sites should detail the measures they have put in place to ensure the safety of their customers’ personal information, especially sensitive data such as those pertaining to banking. This could be achieved by using SSL encryption, special firewalls to prevent malicious hackers intercepting transactions, or similar methods. Additionally, the customer support system should at least offer one method of getting in touch. Most sites nowadays offer email support, phone support and live chat, with some offering social media and a postal address as options too.

Advantages of playing in Online Casino Sites

Some people may enjoy visiting a brick and mortar casino to experience the sights, smells and sounds of the traditional gambling experience, but for those who can’t get to one often, or simply prefer to play from the comfort of their own home, there are many bonuses when it comes to using online casino sites. Here’s just a few.

They’re easier to access

As I touched upon above, it’s much easier to log into an online account than it is to make a trip to somewhere like Las Vegas for a big gambling blowout. This means that, not only do you not have to dedicate a specific time window for gambling, where you may not always be in the mood for a game of blackjack or roulette, you can also log in whenever you have some down time or want to spend a quick 15 minutes playing your favourite game.

On top of this, there are no queues when it comes to online casinos. While some physical casinos may be subject to such a circumstance during busy periods, online players will benefit from being able to load up their game of choice after just a few clicks.

More casino games to enjoy

A brick and mortar casino will be constrained by the amount of space it has at its location, which means it has to pick and choose which tables games, slot machines and so on it has available for players. Meanwhile, online casinos will have the freedom to add as many games as they want to its virtual library, with some sites offering thousands of games to punters.

No time restrictions

Some casinos will be subject to specific opening hours if they are land-based, but with an online casino, you can log in at any time of the day or night to get your gaming fix. This is useful for people who are travelling to different time zones, can’t sleep or want to get in some late night action.

Players will also be able to enjoy playing games for as long as they like when they’re playing virtual editions, while in land-based casinos, there may be queues to access a slot machine or have a turn at the roulette table. Taking away the need to wait your turn and only play for a set amount of time means that online casinos are very appealing to many people who want to play games on their own terms.

Better bonuses, promotions and offers

One of the most exciting things about playing at an online casino is the chance to obtain a bonus or reward, whether it’s a welcome bonus or a weekly promotion. With land-based casinos, there is the chance to win prizes such as jackpots, plus bonus games with slots, but online casinos have the scope to offer larger prizes that are easier to win.

Popular Casino Games and other Online Gambling Choices

Slots The popular game of chance has been around for many years now, starting out as machines which required players to pull a lever in order to spin the reels and obtain a result before developing into a digital format. Now available with many themes, gameplay styles and other variables such as number of reels, types of bonuses and more, spinning the reels has never been so much fun.

Roulette – Players place bets on certain slots positioned around a wheel, whether it’s a single number, particular groupings, the colour red or black, or odd/even numbers only. By watching the croupier spin the wheel, or clicking spin in a virtual game, the player then sees what slots it ends up landing on and discovers whether they have won or lost money.

BlackjackThis popular table game involves making use of strategy and learning the game well. Several players go up against a dealer, and the aim is to beat the dealer by either getting 21 points without a dealer blackjack, reaching a final score which is higher than the dealers’ but isn’t more than 21, or letting the dealer draw cards until they go bust (higher than 21).

Video Poker – Back in the 1970s, video poker machines were introduced and referred to as poker slots. They require no interaction with a dealer or other players, and a random number generator produces card combinations. They differ from slot machines, however, in that players much make decisions which have an impact on the outcome. Generally speaking, the payout is very good, with the basic game – Jacks or Better – providing 99.5% in its full-pay version.

CrapsIf you’re playing a game of craps, you start out by placing chips on the pass line. The come out roll is first up, and the shooter will roll the dice. If the roll is 7 or 11, then pass bettors will win. However, if it’s 2, 3 or 12, they will lose. If the dice is rolled and results in a number that’s past the comeout, then it must be rolled again until either the same number result wins an even-money payoff, or a 7 is rolled to lose. If the shooter makes his point, a new come out is declared and rolled, but if not, the dice is passed on to a new shooter. 

Sic BoThe game begins with three dice being thrown in a small cage by the dealer. Punters proceed to bet on the results the throw has generated – this can be a bet on the total of the three dice, one of the numbers which appear, and so on.

Sports Betting – This rapidly growing industry involves placing bets on the major sports and seeing if the outcome matches your prediction in order to receive winnings. Bets are typically played on sports such as American football, hockey, track cycling, basketball, baseball, boxing and other events such as horse racing, greyhound racing, reality show contests and political elections.

Esports – This is a form of competition using video games, most commonly multiplayer video game contests between professional players. The contestants will either play individually or as teams. Competitions have been part of video game culture for a long time, but largely took place between amateurs until the late 2000, when professional gamers started live streaming themselves in action and the titles surged in popularity.

Fantasy Sports/Fantasy Leagues – Online games involving imaginary or virtual teams of real players who participate in a professional sport are referred to as fantasy sports or fantasy leagues. They compete based on the performance of the players in real life games, and this is converted into points which are added together according to a roster chosen by the fantasy teams’ managers.

BingoThis popular game is increasingly being played online, where there are many varieties to explore beyond the 75 ball, 80 ball and 90 ball editions. Simply choose a ticket and wait for the numbers to be called out. If you get a line or a full house first, you’ll be the winner. The suspense and excitement behind the luck of the draw is what keeps people hooked.

Online Casino Bonuses, Promotions and Offers

I delight in finding the best new casino bonuses and comparing them with other offers out there. If you’ve not experienced a bonus before, you’re in for a treat. Here’s a guide to how each of them work.

Welcome Bonus

As the name suggests, this bonus is offered to new players as a reward for performing the simple action of signing up for an account. A common offer is a match bonus and free spins for a slots game to boost the first few sessions on the site. With a match bonus, players can have their first deposit matched up to a certain cap.

Deposit Bonus

This can sometimes be part of a welcome bonus or a separate bonus in itself. It’s simply a reward offered to players for making their first deposit on the site. Sometimes deposit bonuses are offered for those who make a deposit using a particular payment method, but for the most part, any method will be valid. These bonuses are usually similar to the welcome bonus in that they often involve a match bonus and free spins, too.

No Deposit Bonus

With the increasing levels of competition out there for online casinos, it’s becoming increasingly commonplace for sites to promote the best deals possible to players – especially those which require the least action up front in order to be eligible. This is where a no deposit bonus comes in, as the only thing you have to have in order to receive it is a new customer account. Of course, the hope is that you will enjoy your gameplay so much you’ll make a deposit to continue your gameplay, but that doesn’t mean it’s essential. Make the most of the best no deposit bonus possible by doing your research first.

No Wager Bonus

Many bonuses are subject to wagering requirements, which refer to the amount of times you have to wager a bonus amount before being able to withdraw your winnings. This can lead to players feeling disappointed that an offer which seemed exciting and generous is actually subject to strict requirements in the small print. Fortunately, if you do your research, there are casino sites which offer a generous no wager bonus, which means that if you do gain winnings from your bonus cash, the money is yours to withdraw right away.

Monthly and reload bonus

It isn’t just new players who deserve the special treatment; existing ones need to feel they are valued as they continue to play, or they may well sign up for a new account at another site. Therefore, operators will work hard to retain their customer base by offering regular deals for players to enjoy as they continue to dedicate their time to that site and its offerings.

Other Ways to Play Online – Live Casinos and Mobile Casinos

Logging into your virtual account on a casino site and being presented with a vast library of games to choose from may seem like more than enough for some people. But there are even more ways to play, and they’ve been designed to make casino games even more accessible and exciting.

Live casino offers players the chance to experience the feel of a real brick and mortar casino from the comfort of their own home. Either streamed from a land based casino or set up in dedicated locations for remote players to enjoy, live casino offers a range of table games with a real croupier and other players in real time, so players can combine the feel of authentic, traditional casino life while not having to travel to a physical destination or take too much time out of their day for such a venture. If you love playing blackjack, roulette, sic bo or poker, there will usually be a range of options to choose from on the best casino sites, and there will also be a chat function so you can get to know the croupier and other players. This provides a social experience beyond what basic virtual casino gaming can provide, as you are able to connect with people from anywhere around the world. Some casinos will also offer multiple languages for their live sections, making it even more accessible for those who would prefer to play in a language other than English.

Another option for casino gameplay is mobile casino, which offers players the opportunity to get stuck into their favourite games while on the go. This choice is particularly good for those who enjoy slots games and others with a fairly simple setup, as the widest variety of games fall under this category. It’s common for casino sites to have a vast selection of slots games for players to choose from which have been optimised for mobile. There are usually two options when it comes to selecting a mobile casino – choosing one with a good app, which is usually best for those who know they will be playing on the go regularly, or going for a site which loads well in a mobile browser, which works well for those who only play casino games occasionally or don’t want an app to take up additional space on their device. Casino apps are available on many types of phone, with Android phones offering them in the Google Play Store, and Apple phones providing a selection on the Apple app store. Thanks to technology such as HTML5, more and more games are being created already optimised for mobile as well as desktop, meaning that mobile casino has never been easier to access.

How to find Safe Online Casinos

There are many things to consider when it comes to finding a casino which meets your safety needs. Whether it’s site security, protection against financial details being intercepted or hacked, privacy policies or the correct licensing, it’s important to do your research before making a final decision. That’s why I’ve carried out only the most thorough tests in my laboratory, bringing to you the safest and most reputable options. Here’s what to consider when looking for a safe online casino:

Licensing – all casinos must be licensed and follow the correct procedures when it comes to ensuring the safety of their customers. Possessing a legitimate license offers players reassurance that the site is following a stringent set of policies and only operating at the highest industry standard, or they would have their license revoked. This means that the site can be browsed without fears of scams such as money laundering schemes, poor quality games, no encryption with financial transactions and poor customer experiences with no-one to file a complaint with.

Privacy policy – all reputable casinos will include a dedicated section on their site which details their privacy policy. This will include information such as how they hold customer data, the protections this is given, how the protection of customer finances is ensured and what protocol they have in place to make sure confidential data is blocked from malicious interception when it’s uploaded to the site.

Site security – The first thing many people notice when they click or tap onto a website is the padlock symbol on the left hand side of the URL bar. This indicates that a site is secure, and all information sent to it will be stored safely. If a casino site doesn’t have this padlock symbol, it may not be a safe place to send information such as personal details and banking data.

Responsible Gambling

While gambling can be a fun activity, it’s also important to ensure your hobby doesn’t get out of hand. There are several things to be aware of if you want to keep your playing regulated and avoid falling into addiction, as well as remaining safe on casino sites. Here’s an overview:

Protecting vulnerable gamers – If you’re prone to becoming an obsessive player, then there are measures in place on casino sites that can help you keep the habit in check. For example, you can set timers which will tell you how long your session has been and prevent you from spending too long on the site. Similarly, you can get limits placed on your bankroll so you don’t spend too much in a day, week or month.

Preventing criminal activities – Casino sites endeavour to prevent criminal actions such as money laundering from taking place on their site. Other actions which are monitored include preventing underage gambling by requiring age verification documents before a withdrawal is made, and having rules in place such as not allowing multiple people to access one account.

Payment protection – It’s important to know your financial information is kept secure when you’re carrying out transactions online, and casino sites will include sections in their privacy policies about how they store banking information and money in player accounts.

Resources – Gambling sites will offer links to additional resources from third party providers which gamers who feel they have a problem with gambling, such as addiction, can turn to for help and support. Sites such as Gamblers Anonymous will be detailed on reputable casino sites to help players manage their behaviour.

Software Providers

There are many software providers out there who equip casino operators with their game libraries. It makes sense, therefore, to know a little about each of the main software providers and what you can expect from them. Here’s an overview:

NetEnt – This brand is probably one of the most recognised when it comes to casino software. They serve over 100 casino operators globally, such as 888casino, Mr Green, bwin and Betfair. They have hundreds of games, including the classic Gonzo’s Quest and Starburst.

PlayTech – This developer provides a range of casino software to the industry, such as mobile gaming, poker games and live casino, as well as sports betting, bingo and lottery games. They also specialise in social games, offering services across a wide range globally and in many languages.

Microgaming – This software development company is one of the leading providers, and claims to have released the first legitimate online casino back in 1994. They offer services to well known casino operators such as 32Red, the Palace Group, Fortune Lounge Group and Carmen Media Group. They have over six hundred games available, including video poker, blackjack, slots and roulette.

RTG – Real Time Gaming, or RTG, began releasing online casino games and services to players across the world in 1998. They are particularly popular with players from the United States, and offer many languages and currencies. There is a large selection of slots and video slots, along with exciting progressive games and jackpots.

Novomatic – This developer is a top brand in Europe, and employs over 28,000 people. It was founded back in 1980, and offers its services to operators in over 80 countries. It also has over 200,000 lottery and gaming terminals in over 1600 land-based casinos. They are known for games such as Lucky Ladies Charm and Book of Ra.

Evolution Gaming – This provider specialises in live casino games software, with its range including Live Blackjack, Live Roulette, Live Baccarat, Live Dream Catcher, Live Three Card Poker, Live Casino Hold’Em, Live Caribbean Stud Poker, Live Texas Hold’Em and more.

How to sign up with an Online Casino

  1. Pick your online casino site of choice. You can do this by browsing reviews on Casino Professor to find the best option for you.
  2. Load up the casino website or app. You can do this on either your laptop or desktop, or mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.
  3. Click the sign up link, which is usually displayed prominently on the homepage, and follow the instructions.
  4. Enter the details on the sign up form. This will usually include your name, address, date of birth and a username and password.
  5. Verify your identity, including proof you are of legal gambling age, by uploading photo ID documents in the form of a drivers’ license or passport. Depending on the casino, this step will either come during signup, deposit or withdrawal.
  6. Choose a welcome bonus. There are many different types of bonus to choose from, so take a look at Casino Professor to see what’s on offer before making a final decision.
  7. Make a deposit using one of the available payment methods. This could be by debit or credit card, bank transfer, Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, Bitcoin or a range of other options.
  8. Start exploring games and enjoy. Make sure you play responsibly and stay within your limits.
  9. Cash out when you land a win or jackpot. This can usually be done using the same method as your deposit, although sometimes you are able to choose a different option. Be aware of withdrawal times and limits when you carry out this transaction.

Online Casino FAQ

What deposit and withdrawal options are available?


There are usually many ways to deposit and withdraw money with a casino site. For those who like to stick with the traditional and well known methods, there will nearly always be an option to pay using a credit or debit card, or bank transfer. There are also e wallets available, such as Neteller, Skrill and PayPal, which are good options for those who want to avoid sharing their long credit or debit card number with a website. For increased privacy beyond this method, there are also an increasing number of operators who allow payment using cryptocurrency, so if you have a Bitcoin wallet, this could also be a viable choice. 

How do I know an online casino site is safe?


There are measures put in place by reputable casinos to ensure their site is safe for customers to browse. For example, the padlock symbol in the URL bar indicates that information submitted to the site is secure and encrypted. Using a username and password to log into an account also provides a layer of protection for customer information. It’s important to ensure your password is difficult to guess, using a combination of letters, numbers and special characters, and that the information is kept in a safe place so others can’t use it. 

Which casino game should I play?


This is a question every budding gambler asks themselves when they get started with casino games, whether it’s at a land casino or online. Slots provide an easy, instant fix of gaming fun, as it requires no prior knowledge to learn in order to spin the reels, and if you hit a jackpot or big win, the rush is definitely worth it. Smaller wins are also achievable, and the game caters to all types of bankroll, both big and small. Roulette is the same in many ways, as betting on certain slots within the wheel doesn’t require much prior knowledge, but it’s good to learn about different types of betting strategy to see if you can maximise your wins. Table games such as blackjack and poker, on the other hand, can require a lot of learning about the game and strategy development, which means that you can dedicate yourself to a particular game and become an expert at it, if you so desire. Essentially, it depends on your lifestyle – if you want a lighter experience, go for slots or roulette. If you want to dedicate time to learning a game, try blackjack or poker. 

How much can I win during an online casino game?


This depends partly on luck and partly on strategy, depending on the type of game you play. With events such as jackpots and progressive jackpots, there’s a chance to win huge amounts of money – for example, with progressives such as Mega Moolah, you’re in with a chance of winning several million. If you have a large bankroll, you could win a lot, but similarly, you could also lose a lot. Following simple steps such as not chasing losses and keeping a set limit when it comes to the amount you’re going to spend in a session can help immensely. If you think you have a problem with gambling, or spend a lot of time trying to win instead of enjoying the experience, then you may need to contact a gambling addiction service.

Can I sign up with multiple online casinos?


There is nothing stopping you from signing up with multiple casino sites – the only thing you can’t do is have multiple people use a single account. Bear in mind that, while having multiple site accounts will allow you to enjoy a greater range of bonuses and games, you could also be missing out on the perks of dedicating yourself to one particular site and becoming a dedicated player.

Which casino bonus is best for me?


This depends on the way you play at a casino. For example, if you want to try out a new casino site and don’t play too regularly, a welcome bonus could be the best choice for you, as this will enhance your starter cash and provide additional features, making the gameplay potentially more lucrative. If you plan on playing for a longer term, a site which has a good VIP club, loyalty program or set of weekly or reload bonuses could work out better for you, as these will keep rewarding you for your dedication to the site and you won’t feel that newer players are given more to enjoy than those who have been around for a while and spent more of their bankroll than those receiving a cushy welcome bonus to get started.

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